Elite Exotic Car Rental provides the finest in exotic car rentals in Las Vegas. Elite focuses on providing the best customer service in the business and strives to make your car rental experience as memorable as possible. We only rent high end exotic and luxury cars that are in pristine condition. Our rental cars are all maintained by authorized dealerships. Our rental cars are year 2011 or newer.

With Elite luxury car rentals in las vegas you can always expect to get the very best luxury car rental. Our focus is constantly on providing you the best customer service in the industry, and we work together as a unit to ensure a memorable rental experience. Additionally, we only rent high-end luxury and exotic cars Like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, McLaren, which are in pristine condition. The maintenance of our luxury cars is always done by authorized dealership. All the rental cars that we offer are either from the year 2011 or newer, so will be able to truly appreciate your exotic car driving experience.

You might be familiar with the airport car rental process in Las Vegas. After getting off a five hour flight, you get on a bus to reach the car rental company that is located 15 min away from the airport, and then have to wait nearly an hour or more to get what’s available. Apart from that, you also get harassed at the rental counter for more than 15 min for buying an insurance that’s costlier than the rental fee. Finally when you reach the car you find the condition of it deplorable.

Now you can forget all that. We are a whole lot different. If you would like to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous, if you’re looking to impress everyone and want to enjoy an exciting drive on the Las Vegas strip in an exotic automobile, just call us!

What’s different about us?

You can easily find a number of exotic car rental companies in Las Vegas. Of which many can be seen on the roadside or in trailers. Furthermore, some have cars that are nearly 10 years old. The Elite Exotic Car Rental experience give your the following:

– The ability to pay with debit card, credit card or cash
– Easy to read, large print contracts
– Free GPS for the rented car
– Personal one-to-one service at the office
– No need for fingerprints
– Freedom to use your own existing insurance.
– You only pay what’s advertised – No hidden charges
– Highly maintained luxury cars that are only serviced by authorized dealers